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tv   Lockup New Jersey--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  May 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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investigators are trying to figure out what prompted a man to start shooting at police. >> law enforcement, we take it a little bit more personally. >> police shoot out leaves a paroled inmate in the hospital with 14 wounds. and two other men are arrested with the connection, too. >> i didn't shoot the cop. but i sold the gun. >> he had this scar and said he wanted to kill himself, suicide
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by police, basically. >> a female inmate arrives with what she says is a hair salon mishap. >> process like chemically you -- my hair gone. >> no. >> but officers suspect something else. >> yeah, that would be a good story. >> yeah, there's got to be a story behind that. >> oh, definitely. >> though the new york city skyline is visible from some parts of time. new jersey nj is a smaller cry y -- quieter city. it attracts visitors from all over. >> north carolina, baby.
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>> we've got the dirty south in here, north carolina. hey, ain't nobody in this county from this county. >> crazy. >> i'm from trent, new jersey, ready to go home. been here too long. >> 65% of our population are out of county residents. a lot of them are for drugs. whether going in or coming out they get pulled over, it's highways, a lot of those individuals individuals are incarcerated here. >> most of the roughly inmates housed here are awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases. >> like many, collins is not only from somewhere else, philadelphia, but she's also facing drug charges. but she's unique in another way. >> what happened to your hair. >> really? it was a process and it fell out. it's horrible. >> it was a process. >> chemical, just fell out. >> beauty parlor. >> i had a chemical treatment.
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i was suppose body wave and changing my hair color and they ended up singeing off my hair. now that i look like this i look not the kind of person you want -- >> it looks like it hurts. >> it does. it hurts my pride. it hurts everything. >> collin said things got worse soon after. she was arrested on multiple counts, distributing prescription drugs and forgery. she has pled not guilty but admits to having something of the things for which she is charged, that added to addiction. >> prescription painkillers they were my thing. when i couldn't get that, heroin, but i never shot it i always snorted it. >> she was coerced by a drug dealer to stolen doctor
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prescription pads. >> barely see myself in that mirror. >> i'll walk in there as if i have something that's legitimate and it's not and then they fill it, give it to me because they trust me and i walk out. >> why do they trust you? >> i'm nice and sweet and pretty, normally. but it's something that, you know, i'm not proud of anything at all. >> collin said she sold some of the pills and swallowed the rest. this is her first time in jail. she is currently in a block, temporary housing unit for new inmates. the backgrounds must be reviewed by the jail's classification team in order to assign them to an appropriate housing unit. >> they can request me as a c or d, c is maximum, d is minimum. i don't know what the categorical process sees of that is. but hopefully i don't go to c, c is the hardened criminals of the
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female world, i guess. i don't seem to think that i am that, but i guess i'll find out. >> all right. dana, collins this is the first time she's been in our jail. she's got quite a few charges. out of state charges as well, all pretty much for the same thing, obtaining cds by fraud, quite a few, about 15 with one town alone, three with another town. she also has some out of county here. she's wanted out of pennsylvania. oh, look at her hair. >> officers have seen this look before. usually on suspects charged with scamming pharmacies just as collins has been. >> probable shaved it so maybe when she went to the pharmacy to obtain the drug, made it look like she was sick, perhaps losing her hair, maybe chemotherapy. interesting, we'll have to ask her about that when we go see
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her. >> classification is ongoing process at the jail as new inmates arrive every day. today, they include jerry nunes on the left and sean stark on the right. arrested within hours of each other, they had been connected to a shoot out with police twro da -- two days earlier. >> investigators are trying to figure out what prompted a man to shoot at police. man was walking with a gun and opened fire on a cop car. it caused another patrol car to reram the first car. both officers jumped out. they chase -- the gunman has been identified as robert leonar leonardoes. he's in the hospital in critical condition. >> he received a total of 14 bullet wounds. he's been charged with several crimes, the most serious being three counts of attempted murder. >> face the camera right here.
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don't move. >> he was not arrested for any direct involvement in the shooting. but because he owned the unregistered handgun that was used to shoot at police. he says leonardoes is a good friend and had taken the weapon without him knowing it. >> he had came over my house and we were hanging out that night and he had this thought he wanted to kill himself and take his own life. i talked to him about this is not his last chance. there are things that he can do to better his life. that night he was over my house, he took my gun, basically how it got from my possession to his possession. i never thought that he would shoot at a police officer or even -- it's just -- i don't really know -- no words. >> right here. >> right there.
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>> though he's not accused of being involved in the shooting, he still faces the serious charge, simply due to the fact that he owned the gun used in the shooting. he has been charged with possession of a handgun while committing a crime. >> he says he will plead not guilty when he goes before the judge. >> hello. i've been trying to call your phone. why aren't you picking up. >> if found guilty, stark could face up to 20 years in prison. for now, he turns to his girlfriend for support. >> listen, okay. they hit me with possession of the firearm of shooting that officer, babe. you have to get me a lawyer. i'm serious. you have to see what lawyer can come here and talk to me asap because i'm going to lose my mind. please promise me you'll be faithful to me. they'll smoke me for this and i do not deserve to be in prison.
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>> meanwhile, jerry nunes who said he sold the unregistered gun to stark for $500 is settling into his new cell. >> crazy, right. last night i was watching locked up on tv, now i'm on lock up for real. woke up this morning to banging to the door. turned out to be detectives from the prosecutors office and they wanted to speak with me. they had questions with a shooting of a cop. i mean, i didn't shoot the cop, but i sold the gun. and that's why i'm here. no towel, nothing. don't come to this hotel, guys. they don't have anything ready for you. >> though he was investigated for his connection to the gun, law enforcement authorities have yet to issue any weapons
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charges. >> they came into my house, they did like a little search and all they found was a pot of weave and like 70 grams of -- that's about it. >> nunes was only charged with drug possession, to which he plans to plead not guilty. but he believes prosecutors are building the case against him related to the police shooting. >> i regret it, you know what i mean. it's not even worth it. trade it in 45 caliber, $500 for 10 foot -- what is it, 9 by 7. >> and now in jail for less than 4 hours, nunez faces another demon, drug withdrawal. >> i mean, i have a bad addiction with painkillers. tomorrow i'm going to be feeling it. it will probably wake me up in the morning. throwing up.
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puking, sweating, i kind of feel sweaty right now. >> coming up. >> tell you that first time, third time we'll put your stuff out of the gate and you've got to go. >> you're telling me that ball head wasn't for the bandanna to go into a pharmacy. >> no, not at all. >> she faces skepticism about her hair story. he's a nascar champion who's she's a world-class swimmer
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inside the jail, it has been a difficult first night for two men connected to a handgun used in a shoot out with police officers, three days earlier. jerry nunez has withdrawals from painkillers caused frequent vomiting. >> trying to stay positive, sleep it off. every now and then throw up and
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and let it out. drink a lot of water, that's all i can do. >> though nunez has had a brief stay in jail before this, his cell mate santos believes he needs a refresher course. >> he can't come in here and throw up not flush the toilet, the way the bucket is made, we can't have that. >> first time here? second time? you know about -- you can't leave it like that. you've got to fix it and -- >> you've got to make the bed. you do that every morning. ten times you get up, ten times you fix it. we don't have that. like you use the bathroom, you've got to flush it. you've got to flush it. it didn't go all the way down. you've got to -- we've got all type of materials here. we've got staff infections, we've got all that type of stuff. third time, we'll put your stuff
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out in the gate, you've got to go. you follow our rules you don't respect nobody, you don't step on nobody's toes, you're good. >> though nunez was only arrested on drug charges, he admits selling an unregistered handgun to sean stark who also just completed his first night here. he was arrested because the gun he purchased was allegedly used by his friend to shoot at police officers. >> yesterday i was just emotionally distraught and the fear of not knowing what's going to happen to me or who is going to be there for me was very hard in my mind was all over the place, but i'm a lot calmer and my head is in the right place. >> because of their connections to the high profile case, stark and nunez were immediately placed in separate maximum security housing units, most other new inmates were assigned to a temporary unit into the jail's classification team can
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determine the most appropriate housing placement. >> deanna collins has been in the female preclassification unit for two weeks now. >> we have women in here who have done everything to kill their kids to kill other people to have just have littering violation. >> loud. obnoxio obnoxious. you may have done something wrong, i feel like i should be house arrest or probation or something. >> i wonder who we're going to see today. >> the one with the hair. >> there's got to be a story behind that. >> definitely. >> we know that for sure. >> it's definitely done on purpose. we know that. >> classification officers interview her before determining minimum, medium or maximum security. collins says her hair loss was do to a salon mishap. but the officers have their own
5:18 pm
believes. >> we're from classification, we've got to ask you a couple of quick questions. >> i was getting my hair colored because i wanted to go blond to get away from people. and i was just getting the color process and i was doing body waves and the chemical process they put on my head, i reached up and all my hair fell out. >> it's a perfect line. >> they put the rollers just like that. when i reached up, the rollers came right out, all my hair was still on them, i was screaming i was so mad. >> this was right before you got locked up. >> this was no time form scam, nothing like that. >> no. >> the drug you're using it, what is it normally used for. >> cancer patients. >> yeah, i think so. >> and you're telling me that bald hair there wasn't to put a bandanna to go into a pharmacy? >> not at all. >> other law enforcement agencies in new jersey and
5:19 pm
pennsylvania had issued warrants after matching her mug shot of possible pharmacy scammers. >> you're all over the map here. maple shade. >> that's far. >> lauren park. >> all over the place. >> and you're continuing going and. >> new milford. >> starting fresh. >> i want more than anything, i want a house with my fiance, i have kid and be done with this stuff. that's all i want so bad. >> did you get arrested and they released you from these places. >> no. >> they're popping -- >> all these towns, yeah, we got something on her, too, and -- >> they didn't arrest you on these charges? >> no. >> how many other times did you hit -- how many other towns did you hit? >> a lot. >> so this list is going to keep on going. you're going to come out as a maximum security. you're going to go to maximum security wing. i don't know what else is going to fall on you as far as
5:20 pm
charges. it seems like stuff is coming in by the minute on you. all the drug-related charges the main reason is because you have the fugitive warrant. it gives us a reason to believe if you had the chance to get out of here, take off and make a run for it, you're going to do it. i mean, you seem like a pretty normal person, over all, you know. >> that's fine. >> you have a long life ahead of you. you still have time. time is on your side, you know. >> i'm done with all this stuff. >> shortly after the hearing, collins is told to gather her belongings and moved to maximum security prison. >> i think there's more to that story than she's leading on, obviously. i think there's more with the hair there, the beauty salon, sounds good. but she's filling fake prescription, cancer medications at pharmacies, you know.
5:21 pm
i'm not a math me tigematiciamao and two is four. >> coming up deanna collins tries to adjust her life in max and receive as surprise visitor. >> she was caught and we were able to get a good picture of her hairstyle. >> then, shooting was very unusual. very rarely that we had anybody come in here, if ever, for shooting at a cop. >> the police shooting becomes the talk of the jail. >> hackensack is a peaceful quiet town. the last time we had a shooting was 12 years ago. s to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks
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(jokingly) guess we're having cereal for dinner. new kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry behind the walls of the jail, much of the talk over the past week has had to do with an inmate who is yet to step foot inside. police say 22-year-old robert opened fire on three of their patrol officers barely missing one of them. police returned fire hitting him a total of 14 times.
5:25 pm
now charged with three counts of attempted murder, he's still recovering in a local hospital, but his presence is felt in other ways. >> y'all heard about this? i hate when they shoot at a cop and don't kill him. you're going to get the same amount of time. it's a peaceful, quiet town. you can't come -- the last time we had a shooting there was 12 years ago. >> shooting was very unfushusua very rarely if we had anybody for shooting at a cop any way. i hate that they shoot regular people, now they're shooting at cops. >> their status is greater than what it it would have been if they had shot one of their homeys on the street. >> two other inmates being held in connection say they would trade their current status for
5:26 pm
freedom. one of them has just run into an old friend here. >> what that was the gun? >> hoe -- are you serious. where did it go down. >> stark wasn't involved in the shooting, but is charged with possession of handgun while committing a crime because he owned the gun he allegedly used. >> they shot him up. he's still alive. >> he's in the hospital with the county police officers baby sitting him, $2 million bail. >> that's messed up. >> stark purchased the unr unregistered gun from another inmate being held at the jail. >> they came to my house, it was like 15 detectives, you sold a gun to a guy and he shot at a cop. i was like, oh, man. >> nunez was originally arrested on drug procession charges. but as he suspected they would,
5:27 pm
prosecutors just filed the same charge against him that they have against stark. possession of a handgun while committing a crime. >> how much your bail. >> 250,000. >> quarter million. >> oh, man. >> you got any money saved. >> 10 gs, but that's probably going to all be gone. >> you'll be all right, man. need something, call me, all right. >> stark says he stole the gun from him and the shoot out was a failed attempt at suicide. >> i feel like he had the gun out for somebody to see him with a gun so they could have called a police so the police would have came and he would try to die suicide by police, basically. >> until their cases are resolved, stark and nunez will be kept apart from each other. >> the biggest reason for it, you don't want -- a group of people, whether it's one or two or more getting together and
5:28 pm
kind of conjuring up their story, getting their story straight. you can really help a case get nailed down by keeping them away from one another. >> it's another reason, as well. nunez now blames stark for his current problems and the jail doesn't want any conflicts. >> i sold him my gun and he gave it to somebody else, that was not suppose to ever happen. i gave it to him and i told him, this is yours. don't give it to nobody else, that's it. so i feel like he kind of betrayed me. >> if found guilty, nunez could face significant prison time and some here belief -- >> that boy is toast. he's going to smoke him and pack him in the courts. say your prayers, that boy ain't coming home until cars start flying in the air, true story. >> coming up. >> this involves allegedly crimes against police officers, judges look at that as sometimes
5:29 pm
the most heinous type of crimes. >> jerry nunez lawyers up. and alleged police shooting leaves the hospital and is booked into the jail.
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president trump is expressing support for his son-in-law, senior white house adviser jar red cushion ner telling the "new york times" he has total confidence in him. while standing next to vladimir putin today, accused two state funded russian media outlets of being organs of propaganda. tiger woods released a statement saying alcohol was not involved in his early morning arrest for dui. he said he unexpected reaction to prescribed medications, now back to locked up.
5:33 pm
26-year-old deanna collins came to the jail on multiple charges using fraudulent means to obtain and distribute prescription drugs. one of her worst fears assignment to the maximum security unit was recently realized. >> it's more of just what i heard when i was on the outside about maximum security prisons and stuff, just, you know, crazy girls who go and kill people or, you know. i heard horror stories about girls getting in fights to keep their soap. >> but so far, it's been different sort of experience. >> everybody is really nice and we treat each other like a family. >> among other things, she's made new friends. >> oh my god, i had this thing
5:34 pm
happen with my hair. >> i was in a salon and had processed, didn't work with me, my hair fell out. >> collins has even found a new stylist. >> that is my new favorite song. >> and she's had lots of new experiences. >> i've never slept on a top bunk in my spire life. i've never -- in my entire life. i've never been to camp. i was too prissy for that. >> women on the whole like to care about people. >> i actually was pretty. >> you still are. >> i mean we are people still, we may have done some bad things. we're still human beings. >> my hair fell out in salon. $168. >> another service, i was like -- >> collins. >> collins experience is suddenly interrupted. detective from the nearby town
5:35 pm
has come by to book her on new set of charges. once again it was her hair that got her in trouble. >> she was caught on the surveillance camera and we were able to get a good picture of her hairstyle. >> very unique, very distinguishable. you don't see too many people with that type of style. >> come on over here. >> okay. >> that's one more stupid thing i'm going to have to deal with. >> i've been one in every town, maybe two. i mean -- >> when there's a crime committed. there's a database where you put up surveillance photos and you send it to all the towns in the state, county, and they send out a picture of her and we recognize her from our incident. >> since collins is already in
5:36 pm
custody, detective processes her for these new charges right at the county jail. where she'll remain until her current issues are resolved. outstanding warrants from other counties in new jersey and pennsylvania, collins knows she can have similar visits in the future. >> i've done bad things in a lot of places, so they're finally catching on to my bad things and they're issuing warrants for my arrest. something that breaks my heart every day. >> that's something only my face is on camera doing. over in the men's maximum security unit, sean stark is still dealing with the fact that if found guilty, he could spend decades in prison for a police shoot out in which he was not directly involved. >> i don't know what's going on
5:37 pm
with my case. i went to court. they just read me my charges and brought me back over here. >> since he was the last known owner of the gun that was used to shoot at police officers, stark has been charged with possession of a handgun while committing a crime. his new clell mate james george has advice for him. >> you work on your case. do not go to your courtroom and let those judges do whatever you want to do. go to that law library. go to the law library, listen, don, this is what it is. i need to read up on this. i need to find any loopholes in my case. i need to know what's going on. >> dawn is the inmate advocate for the sheriff's office. >> hopefully he'll be able to contact him. let him contact you, okay. thank you. have a good die. while not a lawyer, she provides
5:38 pm
resources to inmates as they prepare their cases and often interacts on their behalf with family members, drug counselors. >> sometimes i don't like the title because it sounds like i'm in between the inmate and officer. i actually want the officers wants is peace and i want peace for everybody. >> i just like to keep the anxiety down, you know. >> okay. >> many of the inmates were very frustrated. majority of them have public defenders but they're not seeing them because they have lots of clients. they're feeling helpless. this way we allow them to participate in their own defense. >> tell me what we need today. >> i need to check up on my case, similar cases that are similar to mine to try to find any loopholes or see what kind of time i might be facing. >> okay. >> what i'm going to do is look up your charge and then we'll look up some cases and you can look through those brief synopsis and see if anything you
5:39 pm
feel applies. okay. >> i'll work with their attorneys, you know, public defenders to help assist to get them to court, to get them outside to wherever it is they need to go. >> okay. this is a lot of information, like i said before, take your time. all right. don't look at it and go -- take your time. some is going to apply. some is not. let it fly. all right. >> all right. i appreciate that. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> the gun that got stark in trouble was sold to him by jerry nunez. because of that, nunez, like stark, they're not directly involved in the shooting, has also been charged with possession of a handgun for committing a gun. unlike stark he's hired a private attorney to look at his defense. he's caught up in an extremely
5:40 pm
bad situation. he's a good case. these charges can land jerry in jail for many years. worse case scenario, he'll be in the facility for a decade. these are gun-related charges. has some of the toughest gun laws in our country. >> here to see jerry nunez. >> nunez. >> i'm concerned for jerry. his mental well being right now. i have to keep him strong. right now they're presenting the evidence to the grand jury. i believe within the next week or two the grand jury will come back with an indictment. >> the nature of this involves, allegedly, crimes against police officers. judges look at that as sometimes the most heinous type of crimes, you know, crimes against children, crimes against police officers. >> and they really hold that against me, though, i mean -- i really had nothing to do with it. >> i understand. that's what we have to see, what the evidence is.
5:41 pm
they will try to stick it to each and every one of you with the most charges as possible. remember, they've got to prove, they've got the burden of proof. i know it's a waiting game. and the days drag in here, time waits for no one. it ticks along. in here, it drags. you've got to man up now and, you know, hold your own. don't break and stay strong. okay. >> makes me mad to we're all being held accountable for his actions. new jersey state law is new jersey state law, you know. >> it will be okay, buddy. >> thanks for coming. if i'm guilty, i'm guilty. i'll take the best deal they can give me, you know what i mean. >> coming up. i had opened wounds. i still do. four times in my stomach, three times in my pelvic. >> robert speaks out. then -- >> i don't have to take it.
5:42 pm
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ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. new inmates are booked into the county jail every day of the week. most will arrive in a police squad car, but today one is driven into the compound by an ambulance from nearby hospital. due to the nature of his charges, robert's reputation has preceded him. >> at the end of the day, you hear a fellow officer got shot out, it sticks be you. you know, you're going to look at that guy differently than you would a guy here that's here for a parking ticket. >> any crime involving law enforcement, we take a little more personally especially after being shot out.
5:46 pm
you have to put your emotions aside. >> you still have a job to do at the end. you think about it. >> one month earlier, he was out on bail for a prior aggravated assault charge. police say he shot at three officers who fired back hitting him 14 times. >> shot my hand, shot my arm, i'm still healing up. i'm still going through a lot of pain and i have problems. i had open wounds. i still do. four times in my stomach, three times in my pelvic. shot in my hip. >> he's pled not guilty to an array of charges, including three counts of attempted m murder. there's been speculation that he was attempted suicide by a cop. he acknowledges having felt
5:47 pm
suicidal prior to being shot. >> i didn't want to live before. i didn't want to be here. i didn't like here. here was not a good place for him. i was overwhelmed with a lot of things that was going on in my life. but now i don't feel that way. i'm just happy i'm alive. >> and you see your life flash in front of you and you think about it, you appreciate your life more. i appreciate my life a lot more now. i don't know. something spiritually must have happened the day i got shot. >> he agreed to be interviewed only in the presence of his attorney. >> cha wha kind of time are you facing with these charges? >> i would rather address that. his case is not indicted yet. it's purely under investigation by myself and the prosecutor's office. the legal process really hasn't
5:48 pm
gone forward with its normal speed due to his injuries. >> why did you take this case? this is going to be a tough case. >> i've had many difficult cases through the years. but there was something about him. i knew he was a troubled young man. but i know his family very well. he's a fortunate young man that has a wonderful family. it was never a question whether to take the case or not as difficult as it may be. >> i'm grateful to have the best lawyer in town in the state of new jersey. >> i could be months or years before his case is resolved in court. but now deanna collins enters her courtroom with high hopes. she says her lawyer has gotten her favorable plea deal on charges of fraudulently acquiring prescription drugs from pharmacies. the other charges against her will be dropped. it's now up to the judge to sign off. >> i don't have to take it. i can rip it up. we don't have to take the plea. we can refer this to the grand
5:49 pm
jury and ultimately trial. do you want me to let you take this plea or refer it. >> i would like you to take the plea. >> i'll our a -- >> state would so move. it is our understanding at this time pleading guilty to a single count, third degree charge of obtaining cds by fraud. time served as the date of this plea as condition of probation. >> once i accept this guilty plea, you're bound by it. you cannot change your mind, you understand. >> i understand. >> this is a third degree charge that carries with it trial and found guilty, between three and five years of state prison. your attorney has been able to negotiate a very very favorable plea from the prosecutor that's been reasonable. i'm satisfied and i'll accept the guilty plea. you'll be released today roi, no dollar amount unless something else is holding you. >> i understand.
5:50 pm
>> thank you very much. i'll have you go with the officers at this time. >> with collins' plea accepted by the judge, her time in the jail is coming to i didn't think it was going to happen. this is great. i mean, i was listening but i wasn't because i was so happy. >> what does it mean about all the other cases -- >> they were all ran together, and i was only charged with one, one case, and the rest were dismissed. >> all the other counties? >> all the other counts were dismissed, and i'm glad. coming up -- >> they said i was going to be on the streets today. >> well, i'm happy for you. i'm happy for you. >> deanna collins' future comes into focus. or does it? >> i'm not getting -- >> there's something a little fishy about this. something is fishy about your case.
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5:54 pm
deanna collins has returned to the bergen county jail from her court appearance where she received a sentence of probation and time already served for receiving fraudulently acquired drugs from pharmacies. she expects to be released in a matter of hours. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> yea! that's what's going through my mind. and i'm wondering when i came in here, and i'm remembering it was a dress. >> collins must return to the women's maximum security unit until officers have received official notice to release her. >> what you get? >> r.o.r. >> are you kidding me? >> what judge you have? i need to see him. >> austin. >> something a little fishy about this. >> so you leave today?
5:55 pm
>> it's my first offense. >> so what? >> that says a lot. >> i had a good lawyer. >> i had a good lawyer, okay, i'm going with that. >> no, your charge is here. everything is done. all of them got rolled into one thing? >> it's straight. >> it makes me feel -- >> they said i would be on the streets today. >> well, i'm happy for you. >> you don't have anything in pennsylvania either? >> no. well, it was rolled into one and everything else was dismissed. >> well you [ bleep ]. >> who is your lawyer? >> his name is gamberg. >> let me speak to gamberg. >> you better send him a nice little present. some fruit arrangements or edibles, whatever it's called. >> why is it such a surprise to you? >> because charges in like six different places. they give probation, ror, what? i'm sorry, but what? >> oh, my god, i get my bra back today. yes! that's the happiest i am.
5:56 pm
>> wa-wa. >> officer troy, can you call up inmate collins? i need to speak with her in the hallway. >> inmate collins was r.o.r.'d on her charges, however, she does have detainer out of mars county and montgomery county, pennsylvania. so there's no way she's leaving today. >> collins has apparently misunderstood a key component of her plea deal. >> you will be released today r.o.r., no dollar amount, unless something else is holding you. >> she does not realize her plea deal only applies to the charges she accrued in bergen county. and she will in fact be released from custody in bergen county very soon. >> i'm going to get a hair dryer. i can style my hair. >> but as long as she has warrants in other counties, the jail is required to hold her
5:57 pm
until the authorities from the next one on the list pick her up. >> i'm going to notify her she's not going to be leaving today and they'll come pick her up. i don't have the exact pick-up time, but she will not be leaving today, unfortunately for her. >> collins! lieutenant russo would like to talk to you. >> okay. >> hi, miss collins. i'm in charge of the jail records unit. you're not going to be leaving today. i have detainers out of other gloucester county, mars county and montgomery county, pennsylvania. so we notified gloucester county, pennsylvania, and they'll come get you. >> that's all. >> thank you. >> not going anywhere. >> oh. >> going to gloucester county tonight. >> see. that's [ bleep ]. that's probably why they r.o.r.'d you. >> i'm not going anywhere. i'm going to gloucester county tonight.
5:58 pm
>> wait, wait. i'm coming out. i'm going to gloucester county tonight. they said all of my things were wrapped into one. >> all of them for bergen county. >> no, all of them for -- that's what my lawyer said, like all the things against me right now were run concurrent. why didn't she tell me this? >> are you sure you didn't misunderstand? it's just the bergen county -- >> why didn't she know about the other stuff? >> it doesn't matter. it's just another step. >> later her attorney told us that collins was fully informed that the deal only applied to bergen county and that she simply must have misunderstood. >> you got that pen? i want to put some eye liner on. >> i'm going to miss you, baby. >> hopefully i'll stay here tonight and leave tomorrow or something.
5:59 pm
because that would suck. >> we'll talk. >> we'll talk. >> less than 24 hours later, collins has changed back into the dress she was wearing when she was booked into the bergen county jail, but she's also in cuffs and shackles. an officer escorts her to a waiting van from the gloucester county sheriff's office, where she will face new charges for fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs.
6:00 pm
♪ i guess some people look at you and don't like you for some reason. they just target in on you. >> a new inmate tries to adjust to life in jail. >> my bunky before, he kidnapped somebody at gunpoint, so you just -- you don't know who you're sleeping with. >> but he finds himself with a target on his back and the victim of violence. a drug smuggling s


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